Structural Customization


Customized LED Car Display

With extensive experience in the mobile display field, 3U View ensures that a unique range of LED automotive screens are developed to meet your specific requirements. 3U View provide customized taxi online double-sided LED displays on the roof, bus rear window screens and side window screens, car rear window LED transparent screens, and customized shapes and sizes according to actual needs.

LED Car Screen of Any Shape and Size

No matter what kind of vehicle your project is, 3U View has the ability and desire to deliver what you want. and better showcase your brand and advertising effectiveness.

Creative LED car screen solutions

3U View's creative LED services allow you to think big and turn your concepts into reality. 3U View's experts are well-versed in developing creative solutions and will work with you to discuss the project's concept, timeline, budget, design, site requirements and service/installation details to create a fresh new look for your brand.


Appearance Shape Customization


Size Customization

Design Your Own LED Car Display

3U View customized LED car screens are tailor-made to meet the unique needs of each customer.

3U View specializes in increasing your brand awareness in a highly competitive market and offers a range of solutions. 3U View's design team assists in selecting the ideal LED screen type, size, shape and pixel pitch for optimal display results.

3U View’s new generation LED car screens enable creative installations, including custom-shaped stick-on car rear window screens and custom-made LED roof-mounted double-sided screens, to attract attention and drive sales.

In public transportation and other application scenarios, 3U View LED screens ensure high-definition displays with clear resolution and easy to read.