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In a world where advertising techniques are constantly evolving, taxi LED advertising has emerged as an increasingly popular medium for companies looking to reach a wider audience. Combining the mobility of taxis and the visual impact of LED screens, this innovative form of advertising is revolutionizing the marketing industry in the digital age.
One of the key advantages of taxi LED advertising is its ability to target specific demographics and geographical areas. These LED screens can be strategically placed in busy city centers, shopping districts, or near popular tourist attractions. This ensures that the messages are conveyed to a captive audience, maximizing the chances of brand exposure and recognition.

The dynamic nature of LED screens allows for the display of vibrant visuals, videos, animations, and even interactive content. Companies have the freedom to design their advertisements creatively, utilizing engaging content that stands out from the static billboards or print ads. This captivating aspect of taxi LED advertising grabs the attention of passersby, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.

  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: 3U View
  • Certification: TS16949 CE FCC 3C
  • Product Series: VST-C
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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: Arguable
    Packaging Details: Export Standard Plywood Carton
    Delivery Time: 3-25 working days after received your payment
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 2000/set/month


    1. Model C of 3UVIEW taxi top LED digital advertising screen adopts T-shaped slope design, which is easy to install and suitable for various types of vehicles.

    2. The 3UVIEW taxi top LED digital advertising screen adopts 4G cluster control, which can control the LED screens on all vehicles through the background.

    3. 3UVIEW taxi roof LED digital advertising screen PC mask has high impact toughness, high heat resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, and high transparency. It solves the shortcomings of traditional acrylic masks such as easy yellowing and brittleness.

    4. The 3UVIEW taxi top LED digital advertising screen is equipped with a temperature-controlled fan. When the internal temperature of the LED car screen reaches above 40 degrees, the fan will automatically start to reduce the internal working temperature of the LED car screen and ensure the normal operation of the LED car screen.

    5. The structure, appearance and function of 3UVIEW top LED digital advertising screen can be customized to better meet your individual needs for products


    Performance Comparison

    1. Weight Advantage:
    The 3U VIEW taxi roof LED digital advertising screen boasts a remarkable weight advantage over its traditional counterparts, tipping the scales at a mere 16 kg. This represents a substantial 35% reduction compared to the conventional die-cast iron box.

    2. Wind Resistance Design:
    Distinguished by its innovative anti-wind resistance design, the 3U VIEW taxi roof LED digital advertising screen demonstrates superior resilience against the forces of nature, effectively mitigating the adverse effects of strong winds encountered during high-speed travel.

    3. Structural Innovation for Brand Promotion:
    Elevating branding endeavors, the 3U VIEW taxi roof LED digital advertising screen integrates a sophisticated light box structure in both its front and rear covers. This feature allows for the seamless incorporation of company logos, enhancing brand visibility and recognition.

    4. Material Superiority:
    Revolutionizing conventional design paradigms, the 3U VIEW taxi roof LED digital advertising screen incorporates PC masks renowned for their exceptional attributes. These masks exhibit unparalleled qualities, including high impact toughness, resistance to extreme temperatures, corrosion, and impressive transparency. By surpassing the limitations of traditional acrylic masks prone to yellowing and brittleness, this innovation ensures longevity and durability.

    5. Intelligent Thermal Management:
    Setting new standards in operational efficiency, the 3U VIEW taxi roof LED digital advertising screen is equipped with a temperature-controlled fan mechanism. Activating when the internal temperature surpasses the critical threshold of 40 degrees Celsius, this feature dynamically regulates the device's temperature, safeguarding optimal functionality and longevity.

    2-performance comparison

    Performance Enhancements:
    Benefiting from energy-saving lamp beads and a meticulously engineered energy-saving program, this cutting-edge LED display system optimizes power consumption, capping maximum usage within 500W while maintaining an average consumption of approximately 100W. The integration of energy-efficient circuitry further refines performance without compromising display quality.

    6. Illumination Excellence:
    Harnessing the brilliance of high-brightness outdoor LED lamp beads, the 3U VIEW taxi roof LED digital advertising screen achieves an astounding luminance of 5000 CD/m2 under daylight conditions. Augmented by a sophisticated brightness adjustment mechanism, this display system enables seamless optimization of luminosity, ensuring optimal visual fidelity across varied environmental conditions.

    7. Structural Integrity and Aesthetic Appeal:
    Crafted with precision, the 3U VIEW taxi roof LED digital advertising screen features a private molded drawn aluminum housing characterized by its lightweight yet robust construction. Enhanced by waterproof rubber gasket sealing and surface oxidation treatment, this design paradigm guarantees resistance against moisture, rust, and corrosion. The integration of specialized shockproof and heat dissipation structures fortifies the device for deployment across diverse road conditions, ensuring steadfast installation and operational resilience. Distinguished by patented streamline contours and a quick-lock maintenance design, this LED display system epitomizes sophistication, boasting low wind resistance and a sleek, polished aesthetic.

    Taxi Roof Led Display Product Details


    Screen Front


    Screen Bottom


    Anti-theft bracket


    Screen Side


    Streamlined side design


    Inlet of Power Cable


    Screen Top


    GPS Positioning and Wi-Fi Antenna


    Frosted Mask

    Video Center

    3uview High Definition Display

    With outdoor small pitch LEDs. the 3uview taxi top LED displays are with higher resolution, and improve the display effect of advertising. The brightness achieves 4500 CD/m2, and it is visible and clear in direct sunlight.

    High Definition Display

    3uview Anti-Uv and Anti-Glare Material

    With matte PC material, the display is anti-glare. Brightness is adjustable according to different time and environment to make the content more readable. The LED display is wrapped in dimming material to achieve zero light reflection, preventing the display content from being indistinct by reflection.

    3uview car top led display

    3uview Low Consumption Design-Energy Saving

    With customized vehicle power supply, the maximum power consumption is designed less than 420W, and average 120W. The delay-start design can well protect the circuit equipment on the vehicle.

    3uview Low Consumption Design-Energy Saving

    3uview High Protection Level

    3uview Taxi Roof LED Display is completely weatherproof and shockproof. Ingress protection rates up to IP65. Pure aluminum structure makes heat generated inside conducted through it easily. The integrated temperature-control fan will automatically start for heat-dissipation in case that internal temperature reaches 40°C. The display unit is also anti-static and lightning protection, more durable and longer lifespan.

    3uview High Protection Level

    3uview Anti-Theft Device

    3uview Double-sided Taxi Roof LED Display screen adopts customize anti-theft screws, it can only be opened with the related tools. In addition, the mounting bracket is equipped with an anti-theft lock. Taxi Roof LED Display can only be removed through the anti-theft key after it is installed. The screen is also equipped with a GPS device to locate the Taxi roof LED display at any time.

    3uview Anti-Theft Device 3

    3uview Convenient Install and Maintenance

    3uview Double-sided Taxi Roof LED Display integrates the control system and power supply at the bottom of the screen. For test and maintenance, just open the corresponding plug on both sides at the bottom of the Taxi Roof LED Display. On the left side is the control system and on the right side is the power supply. There is no need to disassemble the whole LED screen, making maintenance more convenient and reducing maintenance time.

    3uview Convenient Install and Maintenance 3

    3uview Integrated 4G and GPS Module toFacilitate Group Control

    3uview taxi roof displays integrate a 4G module, enabling effortless group control and synchronized ad updates. Additionally, the built-in GPS module unlocks location-based advertising capabilities. Media companies benefit from intelligent features like scheduled ad play, frequency control, and targeted campaigns based on specific times and locations.

    3uview WIFI 4G GPS

    3uview Wireless & Remote Control, Smart Playlist

    Take control anytime, anywhere. 3uview taxi roof displays allow for content management from any device - mobile phone, computer, or iPad. Additionally, the integrated GPS module enables automatic ad switching based on location. Specific advertisements can play automatically when a taxi enters a designated area, maximizing advertising relevance and impact.

    3uview Wireless& Remote Control, Smart Playlist

    Taxi Roof Led Display Installation Steps

    3uview Installation  step 3

    Taxi Roof Led Display Parameter Introduction











    Led type

    SMD 1516

    SMD 1415

    SMD 1921

    SMD 1921

    Pixel Density






    Display Size






    Cabinet Size

    W*H*D mm





    Cabinet Resolution






    Cabinet Weight






    Cabinet Material

    Die cast iron

    Die cast iron

    Die cast iron

    Die cast iron







    Viewing Angle

    V160°/H 140°

    V160°/H 140

    V160°/H 140

    V160°/H 140

    Max.Power Consumption






    Ave.Power Consumption






    Input Voltage






    Refresh Rate






    Operation Temperature






    Working Humidity(RH)





    Ingress Protection





    Control Way

    Android+4G+AP+WiFi+GPS+8GB Flash


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    app1 (1)

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