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LED Car Camera

After installing a camera on the LED roof double-sided screen, it not only provides you with more comprehensive driving monitoring and recording functions, but also allows you to always pay attention to changes in the environment outside the car, increasing the safety of the vehicle. This is crucial for resolving traffic accident disputes and safety issues.

LED Car Photosensitive Sensor

The photosensitive probe can automatically adjust the brightness of the LED car double-sided screen according to changes in ambient light, thereby increasing safety and reducing energy consumption, achieving environmental protection and extending the life of the display. And always maintain the best display effect.

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Function customization (1)

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Installing a temperature and humidity sensor allows the LED roof double-sided screen to obtain parameters such as ambient temperature and humidity, automatically adjust the interior environment according to the parameters, and can also be used to control equipment such as vehicle air conditioners. Provide you and your passengers with a comfortable driving environment, ensuring you remain comfortable during long journeys or traffic jams.

Environmental Monitoring

It can monitor air quality, noise and other environmental factors inside and outside the car in real time, and issue timely warnings to keep you informed of potential dangers in the driving environment. This provides you with a safer and higher-quality driving experience, and also meets the needs of modern people who are concerned about health and the environment.

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