Back Office Customization

Support Customizing Domestic Servers

With private deployment, you can better control and protect your data security and privacy. It also has independent broadband and management backend, making it faster to access the website, and you can also master monitoring data in real time.


Recommended Server Configuration

▶ Hardware Configuration: CPU 2 cores, memory 4GB.

▶ Operating System: Windows Server 2016 R2 Standard Edition 64-bit Chinese and English versions or above.

▶ Storage Space: 500GB.

▶ Network Bandwidth: 20Mbps or more or billed according to actual traffic.

Support Secondary Development

You can integrate your own business logic and specific needs into the software to achieve a more personalized information display and interactive experience.



Core applications, such as turning on and off or adjusting brightness, etc.



communication function, responsible for controlling the communication module of the card and platform.



Playback function, responsible for playing the received display content.



Upgrade function, responsible for the upgrade of each of the above applications.


Apk Development

Directly develop Android apk. This open method is the most flexible. Develop an app by yourself to run on our control card. Instead of using our own player to display, a jar package is provided to call and adjust the brightness. Method, if you want to communicate, you can choose to communicate with your own server. To install your own apk into the control card, you must first uninstall the built-in player.


Realtime Development

Using the realtime development plan, all control cards must connect to the realtimeServer server software through the network (this software runs based on nodejs), and then the user's web system (or other types of software) uses the http protocol to post data in the specified format to realtimeServer controls the display in real time. The Realtime server plays a forwarding role and communicates with the conn software in the control card. The control card performs corresponding operations according to the instructions received. Various interface implementations have been encapsulated and only need to be called.


Websocket Development

You need to develop your own server. The protocol for communication with the control card is wss protocol. The interface is the same as our 2.0 platform interface, which is equivalent to replacing our platform.

Gateway LAN TCP Development

The control card serves as the server, using asynchronous sockets to speed up the sending speed; there is no response to the command during the file sending process, and only a response completed by the device is received before and after sending; use The U disk update function in ledOK exports the program and uses tcp to send the compressed package to the control card to play the program.
Gateway LAN TCP solution sub-method: communicate directly with the control card, add the IP address to the 2016 port to push real-time messages, the program directly sends text to the LED control card, the development is simple and fast, and the HTML code is directly pushed to the display screen and sent Real-time information.